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Al-Futtaim Logistics is a leading regional provider of world class supply chain solutions, with a global reach through its network of an exclusive strategic alliance with IJS global and memberships of internationally recognised professional associations including IATA, SCLG, NAFL, FIATA, and IAM. Headquartered at Jebel Ali in the UAE, Al-Futtaim Logistics offers full connectivity from strategically located state-of-the-art facilities at the region’s most important freight hubs.

Matco Rice is a name synonymous with the heritage of Pakistan. Founded by Syed Sarafaraz Ali Ghori in 1964, Matco supplied rice processing plants and machinery to the Government of Pakistan and has to its credit some of the earliest rice processing plants set up by the Rice Export Corporation of Pakistan (RECP). In 1970, at a time when direct export of rice were not allowed in the private sector, Matco set up it’s own rice processing plant in Larkhana, Sindh and sold processed rice to RECP, the exclusive Government controlled export body.

VIS Exhibitions & Conferences brings to the Middle East, a brand new trade show, Gulf Car Wash – Car Care Expo 2015 — the region’s 1st event totally dedicated to the car washing industry. The event will bring together, under one roof, leading car care and car wash owners, operators, care wash equipment manufacturers and suppliers from the regional market and around the world, providing excellent business and networking opportunities for both, the consumers and industry players. The focus is not only on cars but also on various other four wheeler like trucks, trailers, buses and fleets, not to mention rail and aircraft cleaning and maintenance.

This trade show will showcase the best-in-class car wash and car care products, accessories, technologies and services from diverse segments of the industry, with emphasis on energy and water conservation in a region that is very much in need of, and is looking for such environmentally friendly measures.

In 2015 VIS Exhibitions and Conference plan to host 3 major events concurrently — Clean Middle East Pulire Expo 2015, Gulf Car Wash and Gulf Laundrex.

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Q2 imported the First Totally Mobile Battery Powered Tanker Truck Washing Machine

The new model, called the Tank-626-EZ, is an all stainless steel machine assuring a corrosion free, long structural life (even the powder coated battery skirt and covers are stainless). Four 6Volt High Capacity 320Ah batteries connected in series supply lots of 24Volt autonomy for washing about 30 vehicles on one charge. The signature tank 5 foot 3 inch big-diameter-brush will wrap itself around the oddest shapes making sure enough muscle is delivered to wash a full size tanker in about 10 minutes of machine time and 10 minutes of detailing time.

The Tank-626-EZ is quiet and emission free, providing a fast wash solution in indoor bays as commonly found in very cold northern climates.

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